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Spikeball Giveaway: Your Chance To WIN!

Earlier this week I shared some of my favorite pre-club yard games. Without a doubt, Spikeball tops the list. After club this Monday night one of my high school friends asked me if we could start a Spikeball club at school. It’s addicting.  You can buy a set online for $49.99 or you can win one of three we’re giving…

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Two Classic Young Life Games Celebrating OREO’s 100th Birthday

This week, on Tuesday March 6th, Oreo cookies turn 100 years old. I know, its hard to believe, they still look so young, so fresh, so organic. What better excuse do you need to bring back a few of the most classic Young Life games of all time? You could also celebrate the night by asking some parents…

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas For A “Sham-rockin’ Club”

The 25 Most Popular Pre-Club Activities

Thanks a ton to 50 of you for commenting on the Spikeball Contest post this week. You answered the question, “What is your favorite pre-club activity with kids?” Below are 25 of the top responses. Such a diversity of ideas is getting me excited about creating some new pre-club momentum. Thanks again for sharing!MY FAVORITE IDEAS:Tron (via Mat)…


Even though it’s getting chilly outside, there’s always a great opportunity to play some booyah new yard games. A game that might be new to many of you is SPIKEBALL! I first learned of the game this summer while at Sharptop Cove. It’s an intense mix between four square and volleyball, described on the Spikeball web site as…

7 Sins Of Leading A Club Game

Here’s a humorous 2.5 minute video on how NOT to lead games from a youth ministry website called “The Source For Youth Ministry.” The Seven Sins Of Leading A Game:-Tell the crowd you’re going to play a game. -Forget your props. -Have leaders watch while kids play. -Take more than 30 secs to explain game. -Take more than…

Poor Man’s Paintball

Lots of high school kids, especially guys, love to play paintball. Something about it creates a “male bonding” experience that lends to stories being retold around cafeteria tables. Maybe its the war wounds that look like hickeys. Maybe its just an excuse to wear camo and hide in the woods. Whatever it is, paintball seems to quickly transport…

Marshmallow Madness

Treadmill Eating Races