Capernaum Candy Corn Relay

Young Life Leader October 27, 2019

Here’s a fun game for this time of year to use in your Capernaum club.

“Set up cones so the kids have to run around them. I made the cones from construction paper to look like candy corn. (See pic below.)

Buddies will help as needed but not take a turn themselves. Have different size spoons. Help friends pick the size spoon that will challenge them.

Set a bowl of candy corn on one end of your course and an empty bowl on the other end. Guide friends to go to the right around the first cone, weaving around the other two, dump the candy corn in the bowl, and run back straight back down the left side of their cones. Give the spoon to the next person. The first kid in line scoops a few pieces of candy corn out of the bowl with a spoon and maneuvers through the course to dump it into the empty bowl. They then run their spoon back and give it to the next person in line.

The next person takes another scoop of candy corn and maneuvers through the course to dump it into the bowl. Continue until all of the candy corn has been scooped from one container to the other! The team who finishes first gets to eat the candy corn.

Shared by Molly Burns, Capernaum YL Leader in Greensboro, NC. 

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