How To Play “Death Hack” (“3 & a Peg”)

December 2, 2010

Death Hack (also called “3 & a Peg”) was submitted by Justin Chandler in GA and Derek, the YL College Director at George Mason. Thanks guys.

Derek describes DeathHack this way:

“Greatest yard game ever! You can play with a soccer ball, dodgeball, 4 square ball…anything really (I like 4 square balls the best). The rules are pretty simple: It is a combination of hacky sack and dodgeball (hence death hack).”

1- Everyone stands in a circle and someone starts by tossing the ball up in the air lightly and announces “This is death hack” to signal the beginning of the round. 2- You can use anything you can use in soccer to hit the ball (feet, head, knee, chest, etc). Once the ball has been passed 2 times (3 different players have made contact) the game turns into dodgeball.

3- Whoever grabs the ball can’t move but everyone else can do whatever they want (run away, post up for a catch, tackle the person with ball, etc).

4- If you are hit with a thrown ball you are out. If you catch the ball, the person who threw it is out (same rules as dodgeball).

NOTE: The one key with this game is ANYTIME the ball hits the ground it is dead and a new round begins. That means if someone throws the ball and it is caught, it can still be thrown to get someone out and so on…as long as the ball hasn’t hit the ground it is live!

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