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St. Patrick’s Day Club Ideas

Top-Kan: A Fun New Game for Club

COVID-Safe Club Idea: Rotating Game Night

Have You Played “Among Us”?

The Whisper Challenge: Hilarious Club Game

Need A Low Prep Mixer For Club? Play Blanket Drop!

Love Club/Valentine’s Club Ideas

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower

Sports Trivia Club Game

The Pillow Fighting Game: A Mix Between Dodgeball and Chess

We saw this amazing video of Japanese Pillow Fighting and thought it has great potential to be a funny club game/mixer! The game, a mix between dodgeball and chess, has become increasingly popular in Japan, and we can see why! To begin, divide into two teams, selecting one player to be “the king” and one to be “the…

Stick Figure It Out

Easy Mixer: Cup or Down

10 Easy No Prep Mixers

Fortnite Simon Says

A New Spin On The Old “Dog Toss”

Flip out with Trick-Tac-Toe!

Thortillia Game

Older or Younger Game

Need a Fun, Easy Mixer for Club? Play “Secret Agent”

Egg-citing and Egg-celent Club Games

Have any leftover Easter eggs?  Here’s are 5 club games where you can use them. Game One: Egg Zone How to play: Arrange 4 NFL footballs upright (preferably using a kickstand). In one minute, stack 4 Easter eggs on the tip of each football. Suggested items: NFL football, kickstand, eggs Game Two: Egg Dance How to play: Balance two eggs…

The Selfie Picture Game (Download the App)

Fame Name Game

Young Life Wing Eating Contest: All the Deets

The Best WyldLife Club Game Ever