Fortnite Simon Says

January 9, 2019

Shared by Shane Spell, Young Life North Coast Area Director.

Our WyldLife leaders had a brainstorming time and came up with “Fortnite Simon Says”. You don’t even have to know how to play Fornite to have a great time with this club mixer.

Begin by having a leader (bonus: have a kid help!) teach the entire group a variety of Fortnite dances. Probably best not to wing this piece! Perhaps the most Fortnite-fluent leader could lead things, or you could get together ahead of time with some kids and learn a variety of dances. There are plenty of choices! Here are the ones we used for the game debut:

  • The Robot
  • Disco Fever
  • Floss
  • Orange Justice
  • Take the “L”
  • Tidy (Keep it Tidy)
  • Hype
  • Rock Out
  • Best Mates
  • T Post

Play Simon Says with the dances everyone just learned! Easy as that. We did a practice round, and then raised the pressure with eliminations for not listening closely to “Simon Says”. And no, the leaders didn’t dance “Take the “L”” when a kid got eliminated. 🙂

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