Key Dates for Spring 2019

January 20, 2019

When it comes to planning club, scheduling is half the battle. Below are a few tips, along with some key dates as you think through the new semester.

  • Make sure to look at your school calendar for dates when there’s no school.
  • Know when the big school events are (TWIRP, Spring Break, Prom, Graduation, etc…) and avoid scheduling your cross talk on the night of the big game or chorus concert.
  • Know when there is a half/day or early release.
  • When is your high school spring break? 
  • If you have college leaders, when’s your college spring break?


Jan. 21- MLK day (Monday)

Feb. 3– Super Bowl (Sunday)

Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day (Thursday)

Feb. 18– President’s Day (Monday)

March 6Ash Wednesday (Wednesday)

March 10– Daylight Savings Time springs forward on this Sunday, so after that, you’ll have more daylight for club!

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday)

March 19- March Madness starts

April 1- April Fools Day

April 6 (Saturday) and April 8(Monday) – Final Four and National Championship

April 19- Good Friday

April 21Easter Sunday

May 5- Cinco De Mayo (Sunday)

May 27- Memorial Day (Monday)

You can also find tons of spring specific club plans on this post from a few years ago (exact dates have changed), including ideas for YL WingFest, SuperBowl Club, Love Club, St. Patty’s Club, March Madness Club, YL’s Got Talent, Spring Break Club, Tacky Prom Club, Cinco De Mayo Club, 8th Grade Club, Senior Night, and more.

Find more theme club ideas here.

Have a new fun theme idea? Email us here!

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