Let The Players Coach

February 4, 2019

Last year, Steve Kerr, head coach of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, let his team do something I’ve never seen happen in the NBA. He handed over the coaching duties to his players. And wouldn’t you know it, his team ended up winning by 46 points. Watch highlights here

As we get going in this new semester, it’s a timely opportunity for Young Life leaders to do the same thing Steve Kerr did- to hand over the keys and allow students to lead.

Brian Summerall says it this way: 

Why do seniors stop coming to club? Because they are tired of sitting there. We have made them consumers of a product rather than producers of change. I would argue that even seniors that do not know Christ long to be a part of something significant… it’s what they were made for. What they do not know yet is that as they engage in the process, they will meet Jesus along the way.

What if, instead of leaders giving the talks during the spring semester, leaders worked with upperclassmen and helped them learn how to communicate the gospel? I imagine if Susie Senior was speaking at club next week, she might even invite a few of her friends that haven’t been in a while.

The same thing can happen with…

  • leading Campaigners.
  • leading skits at club.
  • running your YL social media.
  • picking your club games.
  • making flyers.
  • inviting people to camp.
  • doing “Good Morning Young Life videos.”

What would it look like for your Young Life team to let the playes become the coaches this semester?

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