The Pillow Fighting Game: A Mix Between Dodgeball and Chess

Drew Hill November 19, 2019

We saw this amazing video of Japanese Pillow Fighting and thought it has great potential to be a funny club game/mixer! The game, a mix between dodgeball and chess, has become increasingly popular in Japan, and we can see why!

To begin, divide into two teams, selecting one player to be “the king” and one to be “the shield.” The game starts with the players laying under blankets feigning sleep on the far end of each team’s side. Ten pillows are placed close to the dividing line between the opposing sides. When the whistle blows, each team jumps up and begins to throwing pillows at the opposing team. They aim at each other and try to hit the “King” on the opposing side. If you are hit by a pillow you are out of the game. If a team’s King is hit, the opposing side wins the game! The player selected to be the shield can use a blanket to shield teammates and themselves from oncoming pillows. This could be played tournament style with numerous teams or multiple rounds between two teams!

Let us know if you play this at club! We’d love to hear about it and share pics and videos!

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