Need A Low Prep Mixer For Club? Play Blanket Drop!

Drew Hill February 22, 2020

This is a great one to help people learn names!


Bring one blanket, sleeping bag or sheet for every 16 people you have at club.

How to Play

To play Blanket Drop, split into teams of around 8-people, each team sitting on a different side of the blanket. If you have 64 kids at club, you’ll need 4 blankets (4 different games) and 8 teams of 8.

Start out by getting both teams (16 total people) to circle up and everyone go around and say their first name. Go around the circle 3 times and then give folks a last chance to ask anyone they can’t remember what their name is.

To start the game, have two leaders hold up the blanket so the teams cannot see the other team. Next, have each team decide on one person to walk up to the blanket from each team. When the blanket is dropped there will be a person from each team facing one another. Of the two people standing, the first to say the other’s name wins that round.

From here, you can continue playing multiple rounds. A variation on this game is that the loser of the round gets “stolen” by the winner to come to their team. 

This game could also be played on the bus on the way to camp to help campers get to know each other’s names. 

Here’s a video demonstration.


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