The Best WyldLife Club Game Ever

March 1, 2017

Written by Mary Beth Witler, WyldLife staff in Argyle, TX.

Everyone has that one game that all the kids and leaders love, and every year it makes an appearance. Here in Argyle, Texas, it’s the Whipped Cream Catapult.

It’s just like it sounds….and it’s amazing. It’s one of those games that after counting 1…2…3, laughter erupts. Here’s how you play. It’s similar to the water balloon toss, if that helps you get a visual.

Watch a video clip here.

Whipped Cream Catapult

You will Need:

  • Cans of Whipped Cream (number depends on who many kids, we usually have 4 cans for 50 kids)
  • Small towels (to help wipe off whipped cream on their faces and hands)
  • Outdoor space (I really don’t recommend playing this game indoors, unless you feel like mopping the entire area afterwards)


  • Everyone finds a partner.
  • Stand across from your partner so that you have two long parallel lines.
  • Partners start about 5 feet apart from each other.
  • 2-3 leaders are the whipped cream placers
  • Kids in one of the lines put one of their hands in a fist (right hand is normally easier)
  • Leaders go down the line and put a dollop of whipped cream on the top side of each fist.
  • On the count of three, kids use their arms as a catapult to launch the whipped cream into the air for their partner to catch in their mouth. This video helps demonstrate this action.
  • Catapult Maneuver – Start with your whipped cream arm near your side and swing upwards to make contact with your other hand in the crease of your elbow. With this catapult action the whipped cream will launch into the air. Your partner tries to catch the flying whipped cream in their mouth. Again the video will help this make sense.
  • When explaining to the kids, two leaders should demonstrate.
  • In this game no one gets out, if their partner catches the whipped cream, they take one step back. The goal is to get further and further apart.
  • The game continues with alternating sides launching the whipped cream that is replenished each round. Continue for as many rounds as you want. Make sure to always have the leader who leads the game count 1…2…3, so that everyone goes at the same time. (This also helps the whipped cream placers get out the way before the launching.)

This game is by far my favorite! Hope you enjoy! -Mary Beth

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