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Club Game: “Don’t Look Where I Point”

Two Truths & A Lie: A Virtual Club Game

Club Game of the Week: Jump In, Jump Out

Jump In, Jump Out is a hilarious mixer to get club started and a way to change things up! It works with a small or large group. If you have a BIG club, you could ask folks to get in multiple circles. To play, have kids form a circle, facing the center while holding hands with the people on…

Easy Mixer: Cup or Down

An Easy, Fun Game for the Summer

10 Easy No Prep Mixers

Turning Club Announcements Into A Game

Flip out with Trick-Tac-Toe!

Thortillia Game

Need a Fun, Easy Mixer for Club? Play “Secret Agent”

Egg-citing and Egg-celent Club Games

Have any leftover Easter eggs?  Here’s are 5 club games where you can use them. Game One: Egg Zone How to play: Arrange 4 NFL footballs upright (preferably using a kickstand). In one minute, stack 4 Easter eggs on the tip of each football. Suggested items: NFL football, kickstand, eggs Game Two: Egg Dance How to play: Balance two eggs…

The Selfie Picture Game (Download the App)

Young Life Wing Eating Contest: All the Deets

The Best WyldLife Club Game Ever

WyldLife Wednesday: The Twin Game

WyldLife Wednesday: The Cup Game

WyldLife Wednesday: For Moments Like This

Club Game of the Week: What You Talkin’ Bout?

WyldLife Wednesday: “Choose Your Side” Club Game

Dizzy Bat Pictionary

Bob Ross Painting Game

WyldLife Wednesday: In Your Face: Tic-Tac-Toe

Scorekeeper XL App

Emoji Club