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Two Truths & A Lie: A Virtual Club Game

Club Game of the Week: Jump In, Jump Out

Jump In, Jump Out is a hilarious mixer to get club started and a way to change things up! It works with a small or large group. If you have a BIG club, you could ask folks to get in multiple circles. To play, have kids form a circle, facing the center while holding hands with the people on…

Don’t Look Where I Point

We’ve got a great new game for club we think you will love! How to Play:  Partner up, taller person points, the shorter person looks first. You can look & point either up, down, left, or right. If the looker looks the same direction as the pointer points, the pointer wins. Take turns back and forth until this happens….

Easy Mixer: Cup or Down

An Easy, Fun Game for the Summer

10 Easy No Prep Mixers

Turning Club Announcements Into A Game

Flip out with Trick-Tac-Toe!

Thortillia Game

Need a Fun, Easy Mixer for Club? Play “Secret Agent”

Egg-citing and Egg-celent Club Games

Have any leftover Easter eggs?  Here’s are 5 club games where you can use them. Game One: Egg Zone How to play: Arrange 4 NFL footballs upright (preferably using a kickstand). In one minute, stack 4 Easter eggs on the tip of each football. Suggested items: NFL football, kickstand, eggs Game Two: Egg Dance How to play: Balance two eggs…

The Selfie Picture Game (Download the App)

Young Life Wing Eating Contest: All the Deets

The Best WyldLife Club Game Ever

WyldLife Wednesday: The Twin Game

WyldLife Wednesday: The Cup Game

WyldLife Wednesday: For Moments Like This

Club Game of the Week: What You Talkin’ Bout?

WyldLife Wednesday: “Choose Your Side” Club Game

Dizzy Bat Pictionary

Bob Ross Painting Game

WyldLife Wednesday: In Your Face: Tic-Tac-Toe

Scorekeeper XL App

Emoji Club