Dizzy Bat Pictionary

October 10, 2016

Need a last minute game for Club this week?

Materials Needed

  • 2 whiffle ball bats
  • 2 markers
  • 2 whiteboards or giant sticky notes

How to Play

  • Split the room into two teams with whiteboards up front facing the audience. 
  • Choose 3 players for each team.
  • Whisper a noun in each player’s ear (you can make it camp related to sell camp). 
  • After a good “3,2,1 Go” both players spin 10 times with their foreheads on the bats.
  • Make sure the bats are touching both the ground and their head while they spin. 
  • Then a leader hands the player a marker.
  • The player then draws the noun on the whiteboard. 
  • The audience then tries to guess their team’s drawing before the other team guesses theirs. 
  • A point is awarded for the team that guesses their picture first, then the next players are up.

Pro Tips

Room set up

  • Have leaders or students ready to catch falling players. This game is dangerous and hilarious.
  • Keep sharp things and hard furniture away from playing area.

Ideas for Words

  • Whisper “Cow” to one player and “Rhino” to the other. They have defining characteristics that are easy to draw and guess. Pictures should be simple because drawing while falling over is difficult.
  • You can also give camp words such as “zip line” and “screamer swing”.
  • If you give different pictures to the players going at the same time it stops both teams from just looking at the 1 player drawing, since their teams have different pictures to draw.

Thanks to Russ Joy for sharing this game with us. If you have a game idea you’d be willing to share with thousands of YL leaders around the globe, here’s how you do it

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