Club Game of the Week: What You Talkin’ Bout?

October 31, 2016

Last week we played Mouthguard Catchphrase. Super funny and easy prep. 

All you need to do is order these dental retractors on Amazon for $10. Make sure to get the large size as it’s the funniest. 

Next, print this list of funny phrases and cut up the words into strips.

You can use the game as a large group game or an up-front game.

Large Group

  • Divide the whole group into 2 teams, split the room down the middle. 
  • Ask each team to send up 3 volunteers.
  • Team 1’s first volunteer puts in the mouth guard and draws strips of paper out of a bowl, one at a time, and says the word written on the strip. Player 1 has one-minute to get their team to guess as many correct words as possible. 
  • Ask the other team to be silent while team 1 is guessing.
  • Ask the speakers to NOT USE ANY HAND MOTIONS.
  • Team 2’s first volunteer goes and it continues to rotate until each team has had 3 players each go for 1 minute.
  • Team with the most points wins.

Up-Front Game

  • Instead of whole teams guessing the word, partners are brought up front to play in the same way as the large group game. 
  • Here’s a video example of playing with partners

Here’s a video of James Corden and Melissa McCarthy on The Late Late Show. 

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