Thortillia Game

Robb Schreiber May 16, 2018

Written by Rob Schreiber, area director in San Diego, California.

This can work for a Superhero or Avenger themed club.

  • Buy 9 hula hoops at your local dollar store.
    • Make three lines – one for each grade.
  • Each line has three hula hoops and set them in a straight line.
  • Place the picture of Thor in each hula hoop.
  • #1 was the closest and #3 was the furthest.
  • Line kids up facing the hula hoops.

Each kid got 3 Tortillas and tossed them kind of like a frisbee attempting to land in the hula hoops.

We did 6th grade vs 7th grade vs 8th grade and added up the totals of the Thortillia toss.

I grabbed pictures of Thor off the internet and found the Marvel border as well.

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