WyldLife Wednesday: The Twin Game

February 8, 2017

Written by Cassandra Shed, Young Life Staff, Duncanville,Texas.

If you’ve got “Twin Club” on your spring schedule, you don’t want to miss this game.

Put two guys together in one gigantic sweatshirt (the bigger the sweatshirt, the better!) Each kid has one arm in a sleeve with his hand sticking out while the other arm is tucked inside.

Put two girls in another sweatshirt. Make as many “twin teams” as you’ve got sweatshirts. Remember, most middle school kids are more comfortable when all eyes are not on them. So if you’ve got three or four twin teams up front, you’ll help your WyldLife friends feel more secure.

Once you’ve got your teams in place, it’s time to compete. There are all kinds of options:

  • Wrap a present.
  • Build something out of Legos
  • Make a sundae to feed to a WyldLife leader
  • Create a sculpture out of Play-doh

Any task could work, as long as it usually takes one person with two hands to complete it. It will be challenging (and lots of fun) to watch the twin teams compete using only their outside hands.

And for the winning team? Double Bubble gum, Twix bars or Twinkies, of course!

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