The Selfie Picture Game (Download the App)

February 9, 2018

Written by Coby Velez, Area Director in Ingram, TX.

In Young Life, we love playing games that show kids how much fun getting in a group and doing something as pointless as taking a selfie next to a red truck can be! We play Couch-a-rama, Instagram or selfie scavenger hunt with the sole purpose of getting kids in to a team and bringing down walls through a competitive and memorable experience. 

A donor of Young Life has seen this and decided to join in on the fun and give us an app that makes having a selfie scavenger hunt with kids, easier than ever!

Yee. The Selfie Picture Game is a free app that allows you to join with other teams and play a game of selfie scavenger hunt while it keeps and notifies you of the score, generates new things to take pictures with, and tells you when the game starts and ends.


When your competitors accept the challenge to play a game of Yee, Yee will send you a list of objects randomly and your team has to be the first to take selfies of you and your team with the objects to win. Along the way, it will alert you of when your opponent takes a picture and how many pictures they have to take in order to win. Once a team takes all the pictures necessary, every team is alerted of their victory and shown the pictures that were taken.

  1. Create A Game
  2. Invite Your Team Captains To Play
  3. Wait In The Waiting Room For All Team Captains To Join
  4. Yee Will Automatically Start When All Team Captains Join
  5. Take Pics With The Objects (Both Teams Get The Same Items In Different Order)

First team to take a picture with all the objects in the list first, wins!

Fair warning though, after playing this game with my club for the first time, it has been requested nonstop since. So be prepared to play multiple games, especially if you lose the first couple!

Click on the links below to download the game and leave a review or let us know what you think! 

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


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