Easy Mixer: Cup or Down

Robb Schreiber June 29, 2019

Need an easy game for club or a post-camp gathering?

For this game, all you need is a pack of solo cups and music!

The setup, place half of the cups right side up and half upside down. Then divide your club into two teams, one being the “Up” team and the other the “Down” team. The game begins with the start of the music. While the music plays, the “Up” team’s objective is to turn all the upside down cups right side up. The “Down” team’s objective, is to turn all the right side up cups upside down. When the music stops you can eyeball who won the round, by how many cups are right side up or upside down. We played best out of three rounds. If the rounds were short like 30-45 seconds then you could do best out of five rounds. This is a good game to follow the principal, leaves them wanting more instead of too much of a good thing. 

Our Capernaum kids said it was their favorite game of the year if not their favorite game in the past couple of years! 

Here are a few videos of our Capernaum students and Wyldlife students playing! 

Written by Robb Schreiber. 

Robb Schreiber, a graduate of the University of Oregon has led WyldLife for 20 years. He is currently on WyldLife Staff in San Diego and the Southwest divisional WyldLife coordinator. Robb is a graduate of the University of Oregon. 

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