St. Patrick’s Day Club Ideas

Robb Schreiber March 8, 2022


You need name tags big enough for first and last names, and give everyone a Lephrechaun name. Have fun with adding a “y” to the first or last name.  We ask the kid what they would prefer so they like it and will keep the name tag for club.

  • Robb Schreiber turns into McRobb O’Schreiber or McRobby
  • Julie Clapp turns in McJulie O’Clapp or O’Clappy
  • Kristy Fox turns into McKristy O’Fox or O’Foxy
  • Newt Crenshaw turns into McNewt O’Crenshaw or McNewty

Name Tag Option 1 and Option 2 on Amazon.

You could give the boys a “Mc” or an “O” in front of their name and the opposite for girls.


Oriental Trading Company has lots of fun swag.

Order sooner than later to get the best deal on shipping


Here are 36 St Patty Would You Rather to choose from.

After reading the question aloud, have the kids move to one side of the room or the other.

Make it the same every round.  First thing read always goes to one side of the room and the second thing read always goes to the opposite side of the room.

Once there, have them partner up and introduce themselves AND share why they choose the would you rather option, THEN play 1 round of ShamRock Paper Scissors.  

ShamRock Paper Scissors Pdf

Have the entire club do it at the same time.  Giving a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown from upfront will get them to stop talking and get ready to Rock Paper Scissors Shoot.

Have winners raise their hands and have leaders with sharpies or some kind of pens to give kids a mark on their hand or wrist to tally them a win.  We have given them something in the past, but they end up giving them away to friends. So, a pen mark works well.

Have the entire club move back to the middle of the room and read the next would you rather questions and repeat the process. Encourage kids to always get a new partner. No repeats.  This is a great way for leaders to be strategic in meeting new kids.

Ask kids who have 2 wins, 3 wins, 4 wins, etc after each round to help identify the top kids.

Play until you feel it has run its course. 5-7 rounds

Have the 2 kids come up that have the MOST wins AND the kids that have LEAST wins.

To help not have a bunch of kids with the same score each round when they move to the side of the room, tell them to hold up how many wins they have and make kids that have them compete against someone with the same number of wins or as close as they can.

If at the end there is a tie have them do a quick round to widdle it down to top 2 and bottom 2.

Have a championship round for Top 2 and Bottom 2 best 2 out of 3.

The kid that wins out of the bottom 2 should be the kid that does not win and give them a fun prize for being the best non-winner.


 Who doesn’t like to a good laugh or hearing kids groan in agony being tortured by a dad joke?! Here are 31 St Patty Dad Jokes.  Choose your favorite to share at club, probably too many to share all of them. 

You could either have time to fire through a bunch in a row read by kid and/or leaders.  You could use these to help with transitions between each component of club


As kids come into club give them this ¼ sheet to fill out with a pen (not pencil) to guess the number of each color skittle.  On average there are about 50-65 skittles per bag. Let kids know that so their guesses should be somewhere between 9-12 per color.  Later in club do the big reveal.  A fun way to do this could be to announce each color and who was the closest. After announcing each color, announce the winner/s for the lowest point differential. And give away prizes such as a bag of skittles, camp scholarship, lunch/coffee/froyo with a leader, YL swag etc. You could also use these instead of raffle tickets.


Divide club into teams. The more teams the better, that way there is less watching and more doing.

Line them up on one side of the room facing the other side and have them run to the bowl of 10-15 skittles.  

OPTION 1 When they get there, they roll a dice and move that color out of the main bowl into a second bowl or cup. Run back and the next person does the same.  Repeat this until the last skittle is gone.  When there are only a few skittles left they have to keep rolling until they roll a number that will move one of the few remaining skittles and finally the last skittle.

OPTION 2 Not only do they have to move a skittle there is an action that they have to do when they roll a number.  Doesn’t matter if they move the skittle or do the action first.  Your choice of making them do only the action once they roll a number that will actually move a remaining skittle OR they HAVE to do the action of every dice roll until they finally roll a number that will move a skittle.


Do a karaoke club.  Here is a simple write-up


33 songs with 1 hour and 35 minutes of Irish jigs.  I listened to most of the songs and as best I can tell the lyrics are clean and it is pretty dang hard to tell what they are saying even if you were doing your best to listen because it is hard to decipher the thick Irish accents.  Makes for great background music and for music for club games.


Look up #ylclubstpatricksday on Instagram for ready-to-use posts.

Also, check out this post with more ideas!

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