A New Spin On The Old “Dog Toss”

Drew Hill October 9, 2018

Here’s a new spin on an old club game. We used to duct tape solo cups to guys’ chests to catch hot dogs flying through the air.

The brilliant minds of WVYL decided to take the dog toss to the next level.

The Dog Toss

  • Borrow “dog collar cone”or (buy on Amazon for $8.99
  • Put it around the neck of your game contestant at club
  • Have another person toss hotdogs from the other side of the room and see how many their partner can catch in the collar cone.
  • You can substitute hotdogs for anything, but it’s always funny to see raw pork flying in the air and bouncing off foreheads, plus they’re cooked and cheap.
  • Goggles could be helpful and funny looking.
  • Two cone collars could make it a more intense competition.

Shared by Paul Dick, YL staff in southern West Virginia. If you have ideas to share, email us here.

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