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WyldLife Wednesday: Game & Mixer Ideas

Last month we asked WyldLife leaders to send in their best game and mixer ideas. Here are some of the best! Mixer: Islands Idea submitted by Cierra Shook, leader in Clay County, FL Materials Needed: Masking tape and extra large pre-cut shapes and figures of your choice. Tape the shapes and figures to the ground. Play music while the…

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Need An Upfront Game For Club This Week: ‘Tear It Up’

Need An Upfront Game For Club This Week: ‘The Mad Dog Shake’

Need an upfront  game for club this week? Mad Dog Game Materials 2 Full Tic-Tac Boxes Ruler Strong glue (i.e. Gorilla Glue, Super glue) Scotch or duct tape (optional) Instructions Secure breath mint boxes to the ends of the ruler with glue so they stand lengthwise, use tape if glue doesn’t work. Remove piece of the lid so…

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