WyldLife Wednesday: Game & Mixer Ideas

Young Life Leader January 21, 2015

Last month we asked WyldLife leaders to send in their best game and mixer ideas. Here are some of the best!

Mixer: Islands

Idea submitted by Cierra Shook, leader in Clay County, FL

Materials Needed: Masking tape and extra large pre-cut shapes and figures of your choice.

Tape the shapes and figures to the ground. Play music while the kids go in a circle around the room and when the music stops, everyone has to fit into all of the taped shapes. If you are caught not in a shape, then you’re out. As the game goes on, figures are removed until it’s down to just one shape and whoever stands in it first when the music stops, wins. This game involves everyone and gets kids moving and makes them separate from their clicks, forcing them to branch out and start to meet new people and recognize new faces!

Mixer: Balloon Battle

Idea submitted by Claire Basista, leader in Raleigh, NC

Materials needed: Blown up balloons attached to string long enough to tie around the ankle or on a shoelace.

Throw all of the blown up balloons into the middle of the room. Instruct everyone to tie a balloon around their ankle or attach to a shoelace. When the music starts, try and pop each other’s balloons while safeguarding your own. Make sure to tell kids they must always be moving, or some will end up standing against the wall the whole time!

Game: Soda Sock Chug

Idea submitted by Mike Lawler, leader in Gloucester County, NJ

Materials needed: 3-4 cans soda

Pick 3-4 kids who are comfortable being up front at club and tell them they have to chug the can of soda in front of them. Just about as the kids are about to start, the leader running the game stops and says, “Wait, wait, wait! I almost forgot! Take off one of your socks and put the soda can in it!” If a kid doesn’t have a sock, have one of their friends let them borrow theirs. Again, just as the kids are about to start drinking, leader will stop and again and say, “Wait, wait, wait! I almost forgot another thing. Take your soda and pass it to the person on your right!” Finally, kids start to chug their can of soda and encourage the rest of club to cheer them on.

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