Need An Upfront Game For Club This Week: ‘The Mad Dog Shake’

October 12, 2014

Need an upfront  game for club this week?

Mad Dog Game


  • 2 Full Tic-Tac Boxes
  • Ruler
  • Strong glue (i.e. Gorilla Glue, Super glue)
  • Scotch or duct tape (optional)


  • Secure breath mint boxes to the ends of the ruler with glue so they
    stand lengthwise, use tape if glue doesn’t work.
  • Remove piece of the lid so that opening is unobstructed.
  • When the clock starts, player picks up the ruler with
    their mouth and begins to move their head in an attempt to empty both boxes of
  • Explain to participants they can not turn their head upside down or sideways. They must shake them up and out.
  • To complete the game, player must empty both mint boxes
    within the 60-second time limit.

Bonus Tip

  • If you use some of the larger Tic-Tac Boxes, make sure
    you place a very small strip of tape over the opening to ensure that the game
    is not to easy for the participants (but make sure they can still shake them
    out!), otherwise it will be over in a matter of seconds. A quick trial run will
    let you know if you’ve made it too easy or too hard.

If you do this game, shoot a 15 second video and post it on Instagram. Tag @YoungLifeLeader and you might just see it reposted and added to this page as well! 

I discovered this game here.

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