10 Ideas For Turkey Club

November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! Below are some ideas to make your Turkey Club unique and special. 


Have kids bring canned goods to club to donate to needy families. You could also ask them to bring supplies for Operation Christmas Child and put together Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

Secret Tweets 

Have everyone at club send a DM to your YL Twitter account of something they are thankful for. Tell them you’re going to anonymously read them out loud. This will make sure everyone is following the Twitter account and also be a fun way to share thankfulness. Thanks to Sean McGever at YLHelp.com for sharing this and other helpful thoughts about creating a YL tradition of thankfulness. 

Turkey Bowl

Lots of clubs around the country have a tradition of holding an annual ‘YL Turkey Bowl’ football game. Go the extra mile and make shirts, because who doesn’t need another YL shirt, especially one with a picture of a turkey playing football. You can create competition between classes, kind of a Jr vs Sr powderpuff feel.

Turkey Stuffing (from YLHelp.com)

Divide into teams. Give each person a balloon (the stuffing) and one large shirt or sweatshirt. Give them one minute to “prep” their turkey by blowing up the balloon and stuffing them in the shirt of one person on their team. When the time is up, have a sumo match. The last one standing wins.

Turkey Head

Just a slight twist on the ol’ surgical glove on the head game, because it does look like a turkey. Get three volunteers to pull the glove over their head, just below their nose. When the music starts, they race to blow it up as big as they can. It can get huge!  Take pics.

Pumpkin Long Snapper Game

Items needed:

  • Small pumpkins or gourds (hand sized) 
  • 2 baskets


  • You will need two teams of two
  • Set the basket 15 feet from one player and have the player’s teammate stand with basket.
  • In this challenge, one player will hike pumpkins between their legs like a long snapper in football. The teammate holding the basket will toss back any pumpkins or gourds. 
  • Team with the most pumpkins at the end of 60 seconds wins the challenge.

Pie Face Game

Items needed:

  • Plate
  • Pumpkin pie with whipped topping


  • Instruct players they must keep their hands behind their backs.
  • The first player to devour the pie – crust, filing,
    whipped cream, and all in 60 seconds or less wins the challenge.

Turkey Bowling

Items Needed:

  • Frozen Turkey 
    • You can leave the plastic and netting on the turkey and throw it holding the netting OR
    • Get a drill and drill 3 finger holes into the turkey and throw it like an actual bowling ball.
  • 12 Bowling pins or 2-liter bottles filled with sand
    • You can often get donations of old broken pins from a local alley.
  • Plastic tarp (long enough to serve as your “lane”)
  • Oil or water (to spread on tarp so turkey slides more
  • Sturdy, stable backboard for end of lane – a table on its
    side would work well. Nail or tape securely to the ground or floor
  • Person to set up pins after each bowl

How to Play:  

  • Each team has three participants. 
  • Game consists of three rounds. First student from each team
    bowls in the first round, second student in the second round, third student in
    the third round.
  • Scoring is just like regular bowling except there are only
    three frames. The third frame is the equivalent of the tenth frame in regular
    bowling with the potential for an extra bowl if the participant scores a strike
    or spare.
  • Each participant gets two bowls with the exception of the
    third participant who will have the opportunity for an extra bowl if he/she
    scores a strike or spare.
  • Play the ‘Chicken Dance’ in the background or have a kid who hunts blow his turkey call every time pins are knocked down. 

Turkey Trophy 

Make a turkey out of an old bowling ball (body) and pin (as the head). Use feathers and a red sock as a goblet and paint the ball with winners names. 

Turkey Man

Have a Senior Campaigner dress up as a turkey to welcome
kids as they enter club. You can also have the turkey emcee club or just be a
cheerleader for the teams.

Terrible Thanksgiving Music Video 

“It’s Thanksgiving” by: Nicole Westbrook

You can find lyrics to the song, here. 

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