The Selfie Challenge Game

November 9, 2014

This game was shared by Nadia Ahmad, a YL leader at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, NC.

Two leaders (one guy, one girl) write their phone numbers
down on two different posters. The game is introduced as a race to see which 3
people from every grade can send a selfie to the leader of their gender the
fastest. The leaders then hold up the posters and give a 5 second count down to
start selfie-ing their photos to the leaders, along with their name and grade.

The first 3 kids from each grade to send selfies along with
their first and last name win. Give them about a minute for the challenge. As
the photos roll in have the leaders give a few kids a shout-out for funny/cool

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The intention behind this game is to put names to faces. An easy use of technology and you have a little pre-contact work to start praying for kids you hope to have
relationships with.

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