Baby, Backpack, Bunkbed: An Easy, No Prep Mixer For Club

September 2, 2014

Need a fun, easy, no prep mixer for club? 

Explain the game from upfront, then ask folks to stand up and mingle while the music plays, similar to musical chairs. When the music stops, a command will be given. At that point, grab a partner and form whichever command was given. 

BABY: One person standing while cradling another

BACKPACK: One person jumps on another’s back


BUNKBED: One person lying on the ground on their back holding the other persons ankles while that person does a pushup holding the ankles of the person lying on the ground. (As pictured here.)

The last kids to form the commanded position are eliminated and the next round begins. 

After 5 rounds start mixing it up with these options below or invent your own. Last 2 folks standing win lunch brought to them at school the next day! 

4 Person Bunk Beds

Twin Babies (4 person group)

Mama Holding Baby Boy

Baby with a Backback (3 person group)

Dancing Backpacks (4 person group, 2 people dancing while wearing backpacks)

You can watch an example I found on YouTube here

If you have other good ideas for mixers, games, skits, run-on characters, etc.. email me here. Your idea could be shared with thousands of Young Life leaders around the world. Thanks to Matt Weatherly for introducing me to this mixer! 

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