Paper Bag Pickup: A Low Prep Game For Club or Campaigners

October 23, 2014

Paper Bag Pickup is an easy game to do at club or Campaigners. If you got enough bags (1:5 people) you could do it as an all club mixer.

All you need is a large paper bag, which you probably already have in your house. If not, just stop by your local grocery store or you could also use a fast food bag.

Here’s a video showing how it’s done. 


  • If applicable, cut off handles of paper bag
  • Set down a fully open bag, right side up, in a fairly open space
  • Have one person at a time come up and try to pick the bag up off the floor using only their mouth
  • The only trick is, they must also only be standing on one leg!
  • They must grab the bag with their mouth and come back up
    without letting the bag fall out of their mouth
  • Once everyone has a shot at it, either take some scissors and cut
    off an inch or roll the bag down. 
  • After everyone has a turn trying to grab the bag at the new
    height, cut another inch off or do another roll. 
  • If you can’t grab the bag then you’re out and you don’t
    advance to the next round The winner is the person who can stand on one leg and
    grab the bag when it’s cut the shortest!

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