WyldLife Wednesday: Electricity Game

February 4, 2015

Looking for a fun game to use in your WyldLife club? 

Electricity Game

  • Divide into two teams and have them get in parallel single file lines facing the same direction (away from the main leader).
  • Have them sit down, so effectively they are all sitting away from the leader in two lines, thus looking at the person’s back in front of them.
  • Have them put their left hand behind them and their right hand in front of them to connect with the person in front of them and behind them.
  • Have the person leading the game (me) sit near the first person in line (at the back of the line effectively) flip a coin.
  • If the coin is “heads” then the person looking squeezes the hand of the next person in line, who squeezes the next person’s hand and so on, until it goes all the way down the line and the last person grabs a ball that is sitting in between the last people in line. Winning team gets one point.
  • If the coin is “tails” they do nothing and you flip again. If a team mistakenly squeezes hands and grabs the ball then that team loses a point.
  • After each “heads” then person at the end (the ball person) goes to the back, so it rotates, everyone moves down, and eventually everyone rotates through each position.
  • Everyone stays silent to make it more fun and the people grabbing for the ball can get a little aggressive too which makes it more fun.

This game was spotted on YLHelp.com.

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