Club Game Of The Week: Twizzler Tie Up

March 14, 2015


5 Twizzlers per Team of 2.

How To Play

  • Place everyone in teams of 2 and hand each team 5 Twizzlers.
  • The goal for each team is to tie all 5 Twizzlers into a knot (a simple loop that is pulled together is fine). The catch is that they must work together as a team, but each participant can only use one hand.
  • The first team to tie up all ten Twizzlers wins!

Pro Tips

  • Use Twizzlers, not licorice. Twizzlers are more challenging in that they are more slippery, but they are more durable as well.
  • Make sure they are fresh, fresh ones are more bendable than old ones you got for Halloween in 2012. 
  • Have some extra Twizzlers around in the case that some break.
  • Post pictures to your YL Instagram. 
  • Award the winning team a package of Twizzlers for their superior knot tying skills!

We found this game here.

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