How To Play “Ga-ga”

December 3, 2010

This game is always fun for all ages, but would work especially well at a Wyldlife club. It was submitted by Michelle Perri. Thanks Michelle!


You will need:

-6 10ft long wood or laminate planks
-hinges to connect planks together
-drill and parts necessary to build
-tennis ball

Drill holes in both ends of the each plank to install the hinges… make sure the hinges are ones you can easliy take the pin out of, in order to store the game with 2 planks connected. Once all of the planks are connected, it should create a large enclosed hexagon-shape, with the game played in the middle! Game play: -Everyone begins standing in the hexagon-plank “field.” One person serves by hitting a tennis ball against one of the inside walls of the planks.

-People in the field will try to slap the tennis ball towards the feet of others. No scooping up, grabbing, throwing, or catching the tennis ball. It can only be hit across the ground towards feet/another plank (so the ball will be moving quickly on the ground and bounce off of plank walls.) Best way to avoid tennis ball is to jump around like crazy.

-If the tennis ball hits you anywhere from the knee-down, you are out and must exit the field.

-If you hit the tennis ball and it goes out of the hexagon without hitting anyone/a plank, you’re out.

-The goal is to be the last person standing without getting hit!

-Special rule with two people left in the field: everyone who is out can kneel down around the sides of the field and hit the tennis ball when it comes to them; if you hit a person that is in, you are back in and the person you hit is out. Makes the game even harder to win with multiple switches and people on the sides!

Here’s a video example of the game being played.

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