Superbowl Trivia Game: Fancy, Free & Downloadable

February 1, 2012

Sometimes we get crazy and raise the bar a bit. We go above and beyond the joys of PowerPoint, and use this sweet free program called Prezi. It is way cool. Trust me.

Below are two downloadable Superbowl Trivia games you can use. The first one is for use before the Superbowl (if you’re having a Superbowl party) and the second is for use after the Superbowl (to use in club this upcoming week).

It will take a second to load, but click the play button below each video to watch how the Prezi works. (Sadly it’s not viewable on mobile devices). In order to download the Prezi to your computer, click the highlighted link below each video. It will take you to the actual Prezi website where you can click “Copy” underneath the video to save the Prezi on your computer in case you don’t have internet where you hold club.

Shoutout to Chris Meriwether, a Young Life leader in NC, for creating these trivia games to share!BEFORE THE GAME

Copy of Superbowl Trivia (before game) on Prezi


Superbowl Trivia (after game) on Prezi

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