#YoungLife Trending On Twitter Day: Monday Feb. 6th at 6pm EST

February 2, 2012

This upcoming Monday, let’s get #YoungLife TRENDING ON TWITTER!

If you’re new to Twitter, one of the ways the Twitterverse stays up to date on what’s HOT is by watching what’s trending on Twitter. (Read more about Twitter Trends)

Here at the beginning of this semester, let’s all work together to pump up the momentum for Young Life clubs everywhere by getting #YoungLife trending on Twitter.

After running a poll last semester, it seems that over 75% of all clubs are held on Monday nights. From talking to folks across the country, many clubs are kicking off this Monday Feb. 6th, and some are even “kicking off” with a post-Superbowl “Superbowl Club Kickoff.” (Here’s a link to post with lots of ‘Superbowl Club’ ideas including a sweet ‘Prezi’ Superbowl Trivia game you can use).

With over 35,000 YL leaders and hundreds of thousands of our teenage friends working together, it should be easy to get #YoungLife trending! All you need to do is to include #YoungLife in all your tweets or even tweet #YoungLife 13 different times in 1 single tweet. Ask all your friends to do the same… and to retweet you.

While we don’t know the exact algorithm to make #YoungLife trend, research has shown that we need at least 20 tweets per minute mentioning the same word.

We will use the hashtag #YoungLife

Most clubs on the east coast start between 7pm-8pm, so we’re going to start the trending an hour before that at 6pm EST. It’s easy to remember:
Tweet #YoungLife at 6pm on Feb. 6th.

Here are the following times depending on your time zone to tweet on Monday, Feb. 6th:

EST- 6pm
If you’re in another country/time zone, just base your tweets on this timing. While trending on Twitter is of no ‘actual value,’ it will be a fun topic for kids to talk about and just another way to spread the word about clubs starting back this semester.

Here is a sample tweet you can copy and paste as your tweet this week:

“Let’s get #YoungLife trending on Monday Feb. 6th at 6pm EST. Spread the word worldwide! Please retweet! #YoungLife

Below are two links on how to use Twitter in Young Life:

How To Maximize Twitter As A Contact Work Tool via YoungLifeLeaders.org

Twitter & Young Life via YLDigital.comMONDAY FEBRUARY 6th at 6pm: GET #YOUNGLIFE TRENDING ON TWITTER! Spread the word!

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