Club Game Of The Week: Goin’ Fishin

March 29, 2015

Goin’ Fishin’ was shared with us by Alli Bixler, volunteer leader in Baton Rouge, LA.

Materials Needed

  • 2 or more long pieces of rope
  • 2 or more buckets
  • 2 or more whole fish you can buy from the seafood counter in a grocery store (we used catfish) – NOT ALIVE
  • Small/lightweight objects (whistles, sponges, small toys, etc.)
  • Ice


  • Tie the small objects along each piece of rope. Try to space them out.
  • Tie 1 fish per rope to the very end of each piece of rope.
  • Fill buckets with ice.
  • Coil ropes up and place each strand of rope individually into each bucket.
  • Make sure the fish is on the bottom of the rope.

How To Play

  • Organize kids into 2 or more lines. We played this at an all-city club so we did it by high school, but it could work girls vs. guys or any other formation.
  • Tell kids to put the beginning of the string through one shirt sleeve and out the other
  • Have 1 leader working each bucket, feeding the rope to the kids.
  • Tell them it is a race to see who can get the string through their line the fastest.
  • Once they are all strung together, they are stuck, and that is when the fish at the end of the rope comes out. (Make sure your string is long enough to have all the kids stuck on it, so no one on the end tries to sneak away)
  • They have to put the fish through their sleeves just like they did with the other objects.
  • Have leaders “coach” the kids who are freaking out about it and remind them they’re racing the other team!

Our kids hated it and loved it at the same time. They’re still telling their friends about the time they had to put a real fish through their shirt!

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