Club Game Of The Week: Hashtag Battle

February 22, 2015

We found this game on

You can buy pre-made slides from DYM here for only $3 or you can make up your own version of the game. 

This can either be a mixer or an up front game. 

If doing a mixer, have folks choose which hashtag they think has been used more times on Instagram.  “If you think #YOLO has been used more than #SWAG, go to the right side of the room, if you think visa versa, head to the left.” Then you reveal the answer. #YOLO has 4 million hashtags and #SWAG only has 2.7 million. 

Here are some creative ways to divide into teams. 

As an upfront game you could have 2 players or 2 teams compete to get the most answers correct from the stage.

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