Two Classic Young Life Games Celebrating OREO’s 100th Birthday

March 3, 2012

This week, on Tuesday March 6th, Oreo cookies turn 100 years old. I know, its hard to believe, they still look so young, so fresh, so organic.

What better excuse do you need to bring back a few of the most classic Young Life games of all time? You could also celebrate the night by asking some parents to make Oreo balls.

The Oreo Forehead To Mouth Game

Five kids up front twist an Oreo open, moisten the creamier side with their own slobber and stick it to their forehead. Then, without using their hands , they try to slowly contort their faces to maneuver the Oreo down their face and into their mouth. First one wins.

If you want to go all out, UStream the game by filming on your iPhone, projecting the hilarious facial expressions in real time onto your larger screen!

Cooking With Copenhagen

Possibly the greatest YL leader skit of all time. I still have old YL guys who to this day actually believe I ate dip. Let’s keep this our little secret, I enjoy being conversationally classified with Bear Grylls.

The set up involves 10 steps.

1. Buy 2 cans of dip. Henceforth referred to as can A & can B.

2. Don’t ask your Area Director to reimburse you for that receipt, it’ll get flagged at the service center.

3. Open can A as you normally do when you open all your dip cans. Remove 1/2 the dip and dispose of accordingly. Leave the rest of the real snuff in the can. Replace the lid and set this can aside.

4. Fill pot on stove with water, heat, and steam off the label on can B.

5. Take all the snuff out, dispose accordingly, and clean out the can.

6. Take 10 Oreos and remove the white middle. It’s a good excuse to eat lots of Oreo cream. Hey, you’re doing it ‘for the kids,’ God won’t make those calories actually go to your hips.

7. Place the Oreos in a ziplock bag and gently beat them with a hammer until the Oreos resemble the fine grains of Copenhagen.

8. Take those grains of Oreo and place them into can B, packing them tightly to resemble a freshly opened can.

9. Replace the can lid and meticulously reattach the label, a glue stick works great.

10. Make sure you know which can is which before the skit begins.

Set up a cooking show where the host (one of your leaders in a chef hat) has reached his/her level of fame by unorthodox cooking methods. One of those is that he/she loves to sprinkle a lil Copenhagen into all his/her main dishes. Open can B (can A is hidden in your pocket), sprinkle a lil on something (like a hamburger, or baked potato) at first and then eat it, making a semi-painful face, yet still smiling. Be believable. Then dip a banana into the Copenhagen can, take another bite. You can use the dip in other dishes, or make a milkshake where you dump some in…eventually using more and more “dip,” until you fake getting sick on your stomach and need to cut the cooking show short, if you know what I’m saying.

As you are leaving, place the dip can B into your pocket and then change your mind and throw it into the crowd, switching can B and actually throwing out can A, with the real dip. A kid in the audience will open in and smell the real stuff and the skit will then go down in infamy.

Obviously you would not want your audience to think there are Oreos in your dip can, so this game might be best used on another night not celebrating Oreo’s 100th birthday… unless you believe you can sell the skit so well that kids wouldn’t catch on, giving yourself even greater satisfaction in the irony of performing it on Oreo night.

Additional Oreo Game Idea

Break into teams and race to stack an entire package of Oreos with all the cream in the middle of two cookies as pictured above.

What other Oreo game ideas can you add? Please comment below

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