How To Initiate & Introduce New Young Life Leaders

March 2, 2012

A few Young Life leaders in our area we’re hanging at our house last night and had an impromptu brainstorm session of how to initiate new leaders. Most of our ideas were quite hilarious, yet entirely unusable. So, to find something we could actually do without being fired, we turned to the friends who never let us down, our tweeps in @YoungLifeLeaderTwitterland.

Some folks offered ideas for how to ‘commission leaders’ at Leadership, others shared thoughts on how to introduce new leaders at club. Thanks to the following folks for sharing helpful ideas:

Lucas Westblade @LucasWestblade: “Order pizza during club the “pizza guy/girl” shows up and decides to stay for club… (it’s really your new leader).”

Danny Ouelette @Danny_Ouellette: “Syrup or Ketchup chugging contest.”

Elizabeth Cox @Elizabethmcox: “We just did “leaders choice awards” and it was great! Leader teams announced the “winners” – it was a hit!”

Brett Eckler @Breckler23: “When we got new leaders my first year, we forgot to get them a gift, so we went to Walmart and got them 99 cent fish. On the way to the high school, we stopped by a bridge and threw the fish into a lake. We did that throughout the 3 years I was a leader.”

Chris Schneider @Truth101: “Walk through a wall of leadership (pictures of previous leaders), pray over them, then surprise with a fun celebration.”

Brad Schmitt @BSchmitt4life: “Go with the classic pie to the face. Always classic.”

-Here’s my favorite idea, The Random Bus Passenger, if you get a new leader at the right time to pull this off. You could also tweak the idea and do it in town, taking kids to Mickey D’s after club one night.

-We also had some high schoolers roll/decorate the new leader’s car during his first night.

Would you be willing to add some ideas below in the comments?

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