Club Game Of The Week: Raffle Your Luck

April 4, 2015

This game is played just like the regular raffle with a few twists. Game submitted by Nolan Branson, leader in Knoxville, TN.


  • 4 silly/regular prizes
  • 1 super prize (big deal)
  • 2 ‘zonks’ (dollar store prizes or prizes no one wants such as an old shoe)
  • Raffle tickets
  • 6 Assorted size boxes labeled 1-6 or other creative ways to mask prizes. (Curtains, envelopes, pockets, etc…)

Possible skit characters: Clown, carny, ring master, movie themed characters, movie theatre employees, game show host.

How To Play

  • When it comes time for raffle either your skit character or game person needs to come up and select a ticket. When the kid with the corresponding ticket raises their hand to receive their prize, this is the time to announce raffle will be a little different tonight. 
  • Have the winner come up and give them the option to either take their prize (silly/regular) or trade their prize for one of the hidden boxes. They are allowed to keep trading until they either get a zonk or the big prize, but there are no take backs. 
  • The big prize should really be a “big deal.” This typically requires your fellow leader to pitch in towards the prize and it can be something like a Spikeball set, gift cards or even better, a check towards camp!
  • Once both the zonks and the big prize are gone, the game is over. But if you have extra prizes leftover, use them to put on your posters for that week or promote small contest on social media. Example of a contest could be, “bring 3 cotton balls to club for a chance to win a prize.” Several different items to bring will help give you the opportunity to give away multiple prizes if necessary.
  • It’s a great way to encourage kids to come to club and it’s a fun way to wrap up the game!

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