Thoughts On Giving Your First Club Talk

Theme Clubs

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt 

How To Maximize ‘The Raffle’

WyldLife Sings!

What To Do On Your Non-Club Week

Mixer: Sit Down If …

Cereal Club

7 Keys For Effective WyldLife Talks

WyldLife Club vs. Young Life Club

WyldLife Specific Theme Club Ideas

Game: Electricity

Shrink Wrap Candy Ball Game

Mixer: Islands

Mixer: Balloon Battle

Pudding Mustache Game

Contact Work

Why Every Leader Needs A Minivan

The 5 P’s of Contact Work

Contact Work Over Christmas Break

65 Contact Work Ideas

The Dangers of Instagram


Discussion Grenades at Campaigners

Cabin Time After Club

What’s Happening In Their Brains

How To Lead Campaigners For Middle Schoolers

3 Questions Every Middle Schooler Is Asking

Campaigners With A Contact Work Mentality

Bringing Scripture To Life For Middle Schoolers

How To Start WyldLife Campaigners

Wyld Questions For Campaigners

Mean Girls: Speaking Life Into Gossip


How to Care for Your WyldLife Friends at Camp

 7 Keys to Being a Leader At WyldLife Camp

WyldLife Camping: Did You Know?

6 Tips for New Leaders

Fundraise While Serving Your Community

Getting Kids to WyldLife Camp

Getting Kids To Camp, Part 3

Getting Urban Kids To Camp

How To Get Kids To Camp

Weekend Camp Alternatives

Preparing High Schoolers To Be WyldLife Leaders At Summer Camp

WyldLife Cabin Time

Making The Most Of Free Time At Camp

Camp Follow-Up


7 Resources to Help You Understand the Adolescent Brain

New Leaders – How Was Your First Semester?

Expectations For High School Leaders

Encouragement For WyldLife Leaders

4 Ways To Find New WyldLife Leaders


Wyld Moms

Tips For Building Relationships With Parents

Meet the Parents

5 Ways To Get Parents Involved


How To Help Middle Schoolers Transition From WyldLife to Young Life

Friday Night Lights

The Curious Stage

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