WyldLife Wednesday: 65 Contact Work Ideas

September 2, 2015

Written by Mark Kirgiss, Senior Area Director, Greater Lafayette, IN

The foundation of any WyldLife leader’s ministry is contact work. However, many WyldLife leaders struggle to find ways to do contact work with middle school kids. Our WyldLife leadership team brainstormed together 65 ways that any WyldLife leader can do contact work.

  1. Attend a football game
  2. Attend a volleyball game
  3. Attend a band concert
  4. Attend a choir concert
  5. Attend a baseball game
  6. Attend a softball game
  7. Attend a swim meet
  8. Attend a basketball game
  9. Attend a wrestling meet
  10. Serve in the concession stand
  11. Attend a school play/theatre performance
  12. Visit a middle school lunchroom
  13. Chaperone a middle school dance
  14. Chaperone a school trip
  15. Help coach a sport
  16. Volunteer to work at a track meet
  17. Run with the track/cross-country team
  18. Be a substitute teacher
  19. Do after-school tutoring
  20. Go to a movie
  21. Go out for a Coke
  22. Order pizza and watch a movie
  23. Go to a coffee shop
  24. Go out for ice cream
  25. Go bicycling
  26. Go miniature golfing
  27. Go swimming
  28. Go geocaching
  29. Go bowling
  30. Go roller skating
  31. Go ice skating
  32. Go sledding/inner tubing
  33. Go to a thrift store
  34. Go to an amusement park
  35. Go fishing
  36. Go camping
  37. Go canoeing
  38. Take a kid to breakfast
  39. Take a kid to lunch
  40. Take a kid to dinner
  41. Invite kids to your home for a meal
  42. Cook a meal with kids
  43. Make cookies with kids
  44. Volunteer with kids at a soup kitchen
  45. Play laser tag
  46. Play wiffle ball
  47. Play kickball
  48. Play dodgeball
  49. Play Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee Golf
  50. Play basketball
  51. Play paintball
  52. Play ping-pong
  53. Play “Home Run Derby”
  54. Play pool/billiards
  55. Play video games
  56. Play board games
  57. Work out together
  58. Make necklaces/bracelets
  59. Make a “mix-tape”/playlist
  60. Give manicures/pedicures
  61. Paint ceramics
  62. Host a bonfire
  63. Host a New Year’s Eve party
  64. Help kids fundraise for camp
  65. Have a kid join you as you run errands

What would YOU add to this list?

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