WyldLife Wednesday: Expectations For High School Leaders

September 23, 2015

Written by Rob O’Donnell and Perrin Duvall, WyldLife Representatives, Eastern Division

We have been placing high schoolers as leaders in our local WyldLife club for 13 years. We’ve watched these high school students significantly mature because they are participating in the Gospel and not just taking notes on it. They are praying for kids and walking in wisdom toward those who are without, in the hope that Jesus will change the lives of their middle school friends forever.

This as a key discipleship opportunity for these high school students. We have the opportunity to train and develop them into men and women of God who will have a lifelong sense of mission. We benefit by having them on our team for 2-3 years, but they benefit the rest of their lives by taking part in a Christ-centered mission to reach lost kids and help them grow in their faith.

WyldLife student leaders are high schoolers who choose to share God’s love with middle school/junior high students. Student leadership offers a great opportunity for a person to grow in his/her faith while investing in relationships and planning program for younger friends. We expect student leaders to be involved in their own Young Life high school activities and encourage them to seek growth in their spiritual life through involvement in a local church.

Perrin Duvall is a former high school volunteer leader who is now back on staff in our area and leading the charge for WyldLife in 14 middle schools. Here’s what she said about her experience:

I had the opportunity to start leading WyldLife as a sophomore in high school. This was huge in growing my relationship with the Lord and taught me important leadership skills that I’ve carried with me for years. I was able to catch the vision of running after lost middle school friends at an early age, which continued throughout college, where I led WyldLife for four years at JMU. Because of my experience leading in high school, I was equipped and prepared to rebuild a club at a middle school there. My vision for middle school kids to know the Lord continues today on staff leading WyldLife in Virginia Beach.

One of the biggest things I learned as a high school leader is how vital it is for our actions and behavior to be aligned with how the Lord tells us to live. Middle school kids cannot always think abstractly, and so they may not completely comprehend what having a relationship with God looks like. Instead, they begin to mimic and imitate everything their leader says and does. This calls students to a higher standard, and this is where I was able to mature and learn early on how to be a leader of others. I learned that consistency in the lives’ of kids matters in a world where everything is shifting for them. And I was pushed to grow in my walk with the Lord because as we say a lot,‘You can only take kids as far as you are.’”

High school volunteer leaders in Virginia Beach complete and sign this application and agreement.

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