The Top 40: Helpful Posts From Jan/Feb

Drew Hill February 27, 2015

To help you up catch up on what you may have missed over the last 2 months, below are links to the most popular posts from January and February, organized by categories. 


10 Ways To Welcome New Young Life Leaders

I Stay Leadin’ Music Video

Worth The Wait

Questions For Your Post Club Team Time

Casting Vision: Where Are We Leading Our High School Friends

New Instagram Account: @TonightYesTonight

Club Games

Hashtag Battle

Sticky Face Wrestling

Lip-Sync Battle

Alternative Dodgeball

Club Themes

How To Do 1,000 Wing Eating Contest

Love Club Ideas

Super Bowl Club Ideas

Club Music

3 Questions To Help You Choose Club Songs

Free Download Of ‘The Go Bananas Re-Mix’

Club Ideas

How To Make Your Run-On The Talk Of The School

How To Make Hilarious Good Morning YL Videos

Everything You Need To Plan Club For Spring Semester

Run On Skit Characters

DJ Status, Foreign Exchange, Raffle Rhonda

Bob Nacho

Casey & Bar-Bra-A

Biggest Loser Sumo Wrestlers

The Buitoni Brothers

InstaGrandma & InstaGrandpa

Club Talks

25 Person of Christ Club Talk Ideas

10 Tips on Giving Club Talks From Francis Chan

Club Talk Progression With Scriptures


Practicing Lent With Your Campaigners Group

Wyld Questions

Creating A Campaigners Group In 5 Months

4 Ways To Build Momentum In Your Campaigners Group


Using An Alternative Club Order

Alternative Dodgeball

Camp Musician of The Month

Justin McRoberts

Judah & The Lion


7 Keys When Giving A WyldLife Talk

Electricity Game

How To Start WyldLife Campaigners

Alternative Dodgeball

Introducing Julie Clapp

Julie serves on our Young Life Leader Blog team as the WyldLife champion. She has worked for Young Life in the North Central Texas Region for 14 years. She oversees alumni relations, communications, events and prayer for the region. She also serves as the WyldLife coordinator for the Southern Division and has been a WyldLife leader in Lake Highlands for 25 years. She thinks junior high kids are awesome and is always happy to talk about WyldLife. Julie loves her nephew and four nieces, and is a huge fan of USC football (her alma mater in Los Angeles, not the one in Columbia). As you can see from the picture, most WyldLife kids are taller than her.  

Read about other members of our team here

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