Ideas For Run-On Skit Characters

January 5, 2015

We’re back! After a couple weeks off for Christmas, we’ve geared up for the spring. Coming up in the next few weeks we have a ton of helpful posts to help you plan and prepare for the spring semester. Each day this week we’ll be posting different Run-On Skit Character ideas. Most of them were shared with us during the December Spikeball Contests.  

Happy New Year,

Drew Hill & Stacey Greene 

The Young Life Leader Blog team

Run-On Idea #1: InstaGrandpa & InstaGrandma

If you’re creating run-on (walk-on) skit characters for the semester, here’s a brilliant idea. I think it was created by Kelly Selong and Alex Lewis in Burlington, NC. Others have since stolen it, which is completely legal in Young Life. ‘Creativity is just forgetting where you stole it from.’ 

From Alex:

We started every run-on skit with our tagline: “I’m Instagrandpa, and I’m Instagrandma, and we’re your picture taking, Insta-making, never faking Instagram aficionados!”

We created an Instagram account (@instagparents) that we had kids follow during our first skit of the three-week series. We updated the account weekly.

In our second week of the series, we tried to prove that we had mad Instagram skills, but all we did was steal photos of Carolina Point Young Life camp  from other Instagram accounts. Ryan Eaton, our straight man, tried to call us out on it, but we kept pushing his accusations aside. Kids seemed to enjoy it.

In our third week, we admitted the previous Instagram pictures weren’t ours. We told the kids how we decided to go to a Social Media Convention for the Elderly in Tampa, FL, and learned a lot of great things, but the coolest thing we learned was how to make an Instagram video. We had previously made an Instagram video for the skit, so we showed it in club. It was a really fun skit to be a part of, and it’s fairly easy to pull off!

Here is a video of an InstaGrandmapa rap submitted by Leighton DeGarmo, leader in St. Joseph, MO!

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