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The Most Important Text Message You’ll Send This Semester

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Looking for a job this fall?

YL College Best Practices

Graduating College Soon … Now What?

How to Balance Being a College Student & a Young Life Leader

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You Recently Graduated College … Now What?

The Balancing Act: College Student & Young Life Leader

YL College: Leader Training Materials

YL College: Adult Leader Training

YL College: Leader Training

YL College: Making Memories With YLC Trips

Young Life College: The First Ten Years

Young Life College has now been on campuses for over ten years. Watch the video below to find out how it got started and where it’s going. Ten Years of Young Life College “My dream for Young Life College would be that every single college student gets a shot to hear about the Gospel from a trusted friend…

YL College: Large Group Structure

YL College: Large Group Topics

YL College: Club-Large Group-Small Groups

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Young Life College: Small Groups

The Most Important Phone Call You’ll Make This August

Young Life College: Club Music

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The Most Important Text Message You’ll Send This August