YL College: Making Memories With YLC Trips

October 8, 2015

On Thursdays we post topics of interest to YL College ministries. This week we’ve gathered input on what kinds of trips are successful and ideas on how to fundraise in college ministry. 

  • YL College Fall Weekend at a YL camp or other venue. 
  • Work Crew Weekend (inviting college students to serve at a weekend for high school students)
  • Spring break at Young Life camp, potentially working on helping get the property ready for summer camp
  • Young Life Expeditions Spring Break service trip to places like:
      • Nicaragua
      • Dominican Republic
      • Peru
      • Israel
      • Philippines
      • Mexico
      • India
      • Africa, etc.
  • YLC Summer camp in May
  • Winter Ski Trip
  • Overnight canoe trip 
  • Senior guys trip 
  • Pioneer Plunge work trip (at Windy Gap)
  • Renting a hut in the mountains for a long weekend
  • Mystery Road Trip
  • Lake weekend
  • RMR Backpacking trip
  • A short trip to crash another College YL’s Club

Fundraising for Trips

  • Apply for student organization grants.
  • Individually ask donors, committee, or churches for scholarship funds.
  • Area camp scholarship money may be available.
  • Students send out support letters and get creative in their own fundraising efforts
    • Making scarves, mittens, candles, selling t-shirts, selling nicaraguan coffee, etc.
    • Working a parking lot for football games
    • Gofundme.com
  • Fundraising Events
    • Participate in a Splatter Run 5k with our county where students are given the opportunity to raise money to put towards camp.
    • Parent’s Night Out babysitting fundraisers
    • We did a Spring Fling in April and asked people to pay $10 and we used what we made from that.
    • We tried an Alumni Tailgate, not a huge success, but could potentially be a place for alumni to reconnect.
  • Have students pay out-of-pocket for the smaller trips (i.e. $75).
  • We find fairly cheap/free places to go and cook most of our meals so the students pay a small amount to cover the rent and food. For example, it cost them $40 for the extended weekend trip and $350 for a full week in a beach house.

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