YL College: Small Group Leaders

August 20, 2015

On Thursdays this fall we’re sharing “best practices” for YL College. These ideas are compiled from YL College leaders across the country. Today our focus is on finding small group leaders. Find more resources for Young Life College here.

Where do you find small group leaders for YL College? Below are suggestions compiled from YLC ministries around the mission. If you have any suggestions to add, email us here

Where To Find College YL Small Group Leaders

  • Student Leaders
    • Pair 2 upperclassmen student leaders together to co-lead.
    • They don’t have to be ‘Bible study leaders’ so much as facilitators. Train them on how to ask furthering questions and facilitate interaction.
    • Invite college students who are leading Young Life in the area in other ministries (WyldLife, Capernaum, etc.)
    • Pair up a YL College leader with an adult in the community 
  • Adult Leaders
    • Young professionals who are trained leaders
    • Committee members
    • We ask adults to commit to lead freshmen and walk with them through their 4 years of college. 
    • Staff spouses
    • Former staff members
    • Business leaders in the community
    • Pastors from supporting churches
    • Individuals who meet an established criteria. For example, they are:
      • Out of college
      • Walking with Jesus
      • Mature in their faith
      • Able to teach others
      • Available and willing to fulfill the time commitment required

How To Train Leaders

One area shared, “Our YL College director meets with potential small group leaders. Typically these are people the director has a relationship with already in the community through mutual friends or church connections. Leaders go through training, and they meet every other Sunday night with the student leaders for a meal & devotional.”

Check back next Thursday when we’ll take a look at large group meetings and how promote them on campus.
You can find more resources for Young Life College here.

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