The Most Important Text Message You’ll Send This Semester

Drew Hill August 23, 2021

Many of our friends recently graduated high school and are now starting college. What happens during those first weeks of college will significantly influence, not only their next four years but the very direction of their lives.

Pastor Andy Stanley says “Direction, not intention, determines destination.” He illustrates, “If you’re going north on I-85, you’re not going to end up in Florida.”

We can have conversations with our friends about their hopes and goals for college, but those good intentions can easily be forgotten once the lures of college begin to entice. Let’s help them be intentional with their intentions.

If they desire college to be an experience leading them into deeper intimacy with God, we can help them go that direction. One practical way to do that is by sending a text message or making a short phone call.

Odds are there’s an active Young Life ministry in the town where your friends are going to college. If so, it’s worth it to spend the time to look up the phone number of the YL staff in that area. One easy way to find the number is by using the online Young Life locator. Text or Email the Young Life staff the phone numbers of your friends going to that college. Also, text your freshmen friends the phone numbers of the YL staff.

If there is not Young Life at that college, there are most certainly other campus ministries and healthy churches around the area. Spend some time on Google and do some research alongside your recently graduated friend. By making one simple phone call, you may help connect them with someone who can significantly impact their journey after Jesus.

Even Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs. We’re not meant to do this alone. Let’s work hard at helping our friends find someone to walk alongside them. It just might be the most important phone call you’ll make this month.

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