The Four Stages of Club Ministry

Sam Scott August 23, 2021

As the school year starts back, it’s helpful to remember the order in which ministry happens. Young Life is not about getting kids to come to events. We’re about Jesus, and doing what Jesus did – meeting people where they are!

Below is a helpful explanation of the 4 Stages of a Young Life club. Thank you to Jerry Johnson, Brad Johnson, and Bob Perkins for sharing it.

1. Contact

Time: 6 month – 2 years

  • Prayer/contact work
  • Learning the “lay of the land”
  • Finding Kids
  • No Club yet, No Campaigners yet
  • Neutral time with kids
  • Every leader knows 100 kids by name

2. Leader Centered

Time: 1 year

  • Prayer/contact work
  • Continue to learn the school
  • Leader(s) is the only one who understands the plan.
  • Look for one campaigner to “get it”.
  • Campaigners starts and possibly club.
  • Limited impact

3. Campaigner Centered

Time: 1-2 years

  • Prayer/contact work
  • Somebody “gets it”.
  • Campaigners use club the way it was intended.
  • Campaigners model Christ to other kids.
  • Club is consistant and growth is steady.

4. Multiplying

Time: –

  • Prayer/contact work
  • Campaigners multiply c.w.
  • Campaigners disciple other kids.
  • Leader casts vision beyond Young Life.
  • Leader gives self to a few long-term.
  • Transition of leadership to underclassmen.

You can get the completed PDF here, and a blank PDF to complete with your team here.

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