The Most Important Text Message You’ll Send This August

August 15, 2014

Many of our friends recently graduated high school and are
starting college this month. What
happens during those first weeks of college will significantly influence,
not only their next four years, but the very direction of their lives.

Andy Stanley says “Direction, not intention,
determines destination
.” He illustrates, “If you’re going north on
I-85, you’re not going to end up in Florida.”

We can have conversations with our friends about their hopes
and goals for college, but those good intentions can easily be forgotten once
the lures of college begin to entice.  Let’s help them be intentional with their intentions.

If they desire college to be an experience leading them into
deeper intimacy with God, we can help them go that direction. One practical way
to do that is by sending a text messages or making a short phone call.

Odds are there’s an active Young Life ministry in the town
where your friends are going to college. If so, it’s worth it to spend the time
to look up the phone number of the YL staff in that area. One easy way to find
the number is by using the online Young Life locator.  Text the YL staff the phone numbers of your friends going to that college. Also, text your freshmen friends the phone numbers of the YL staff.

If there is not Young Life at that college, there most
certainly are other campus ministries and healthy churches around the area.
Spend some time on Google and do some research along-side your recently
graduated friend. By making one simple phone call, you may help connect them
with someone who can significantly impact their journey after Jesus.

Even Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs. We’re not meant
to do this alone. Let’s work hard at helping our friends find someone to walk
alongside of them. It just might be the most important phone call you make this

Below is part of an email from Kristina Thompson, YL staff in Greensboro, NC. She sent it to all the YL staff in the Tarheel Region. I’ve already saved the image and texted it to my friends going to ECU. Thanks Kristina! 

Tarheel Region YL Staff,

I wanted to put a resource in your hand that you
could pass along to those kids coming to East Carolina University. Would it be possible for you to put this Rush Week flyer in
their hands? (I really mean in their phones.) If you save this image on your
phone you can just text it to them! It’s that easy, but it’s another reminder
to them of what’s waiting for them here…Jesus and a community of people
growing together and trying to share Him with more people.

Thanks to Wes Emery and the ECU YL College team for the design

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None of you need to be reminded that we are engaged in a
battle, as kids head to school they have a lot of choices, I’m thankful Young
Life was an option for me in college and we want it to be for your friends too.
Thanks for taking a moment to save a photo and to send a text. We’re so
grateful for your partnership in the Gospel. Here’s to full steam ahead and
getting ready for the crazy, awesome ride that is the start of a new year!

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