YL College: Large Group Structure

September 10, 2015

This Thursday we’re looking at Young Life College and large group structure. 

Lots of folks from around the country shared how they structure their YLC large groups.  

  • Who leads large groups?
    • Each group is lead by a pair of students and an adult couple. We have a freshman guys group, a freshman girls group and a co-ed group.
  • Where are they hosted?
    • Dorms – easy access
    • People’s Houses – homey feel
  • What’s the format?
    • We eat, serving dinner or snacks (like “Campus Cookies,” or cheese sticks from a local favorite Pizza shop.); 
    •  We hang out. This time is great for fellowship. Before and after large group to give them time to build community 
    • Announcements
    • Worship,Teaching, Discussion, Prayer
      • We open with two worship songs. After that we have a Campaigner share their testimony. Then a leader teaches. Originally we just taught on whatever we wanted to that week, but we are currently trying going through a book in the Bible.
      • We lead a conversational discussion of a specific passage and event of Jesus’ life.
      • We do two songs of worship; a sharing time of how people have seen God working in their friends’ lives; and then we have a lesson. We try to keep discussion going during the lessons. We want to foster community in any way we can.
      • Topical studies have worked for us. We’ve done a video and discussion format as well.
      • We have a large group/small group hybrid. We start everyone together (all freshmen and coed) then we split up into small groups for discussion/prayer/sharing.
    • We run it like a mini club with:
      • 1. Mixer
      • 2. One or two fun songs
      • 3. Walk-on/announcements, etc.
      • 4. Two to three worship tunes
      • 5. Talk
      • 6. Breakout discussion groups.

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