“If I Were Not In Young Life” Skit

September 9, 2015

At the first club of each school year, we always have the seniors perform the classic ‘If I Were Not In Young Life‘ skit.

5 Keys To It Going Well

  1. Energy: Your farmer needs to be crazy. Tell him/her to start slow and steady and build to insanity. The rest of your actors will follow their lead.
  2. Costumes/Props: They don’t need to be intricate, just enough so folks can tell what they’re supposed to be. Hiding the whipped cream until the bird watcher goes for the first time also is a fun surprise. 
  3. Rhythm: Have them practice it one more time then then think they need to. Five run-throughs should do the trick.
  4. Short & Sweet: I would use no more than 8 characters for the skit or it will feel too long. 5-8 is ideal.
  5. Clean: Make sure you have a towel and tarp for any whipped cream mess you make on stage or in someone’s living room. 

NWYL ‘If I Were Not In Young Life’ Skit

Below are a few different characters you can be along with their repeater lines.

  • Farmer– “Give Bessie give, the baby’s gotta live!”
  • Surfer– “Whoa Dave, totally gnarly wave.”
  • Bird Watcher– “Hark, a lark, flying through the park, splat.” (hits self in eye with whipped cream.)
  • Plumber– “Plunge it, flush it, overflow. Plunge it, flush it, look out below!”
  • Lumberjack– “Chop the tree, chop the tree, I hate ecology.”
  • Nosepicker– “Stick it, pick it, wipe it on the wall.”
  • Stewardess– “Here’s your coffee, here’s your tea, here’s your paper bag, blagghh!”
  • Post– “Post, post, post.” (just stands still)
  • Ballerina– “Tippy toe, spin, dancing makes me grin.”
  • Mr. T– “Here’s my mohawks, here’s my guns, you don’t mess with me, son.”

You can also get creative and come up with your own. There are tons of examples on YouTube. In this one they had a Tigger suit, so one character was Tigger and said ‘Bouncey, Bouncey, Bouncey…” and another person was dressed as a bottle of mustard and just drank mustard. Pretty gross, pretty hilarious. 

What other winners would you add to the character list? Email us here. 

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