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How To Make Your “Run-On” The Talk Of The School

Just Plain Hilarious: Using Dental Surgery Mouthguards In Club

A friend recently shared with me this video of James Corden and Melissa McCarthyon The Late Late Show.  It would make a hilarious skit at club. All you need to do is swing by your dentist office and pickup some mouth guards. I haven’t found where you can order these online, but if you know, email me here. …

WyldLife Wednesday: Fun or Funny

Run-On: Elsa And Catman

Run-On: Professors Of Pyrotechnics

If you’re looking for run-on ideas for the new semester, check here. Below is a new idea, submitted by Kelsey Bohl, volunteer leader in Lancaster, OH. Credit goes to her friends in Southeast Indiana.  The Professors of Pyrotechnics Jethro & Cletus wore jorts, (short jean shorts), boots, Mountain Dew shirts, American flag sunglasses, American flag bandana, and long wigs. Norm…

“If I Were Not In Young Life” Skit

Hilarious Synchronized Swimming Skit

We’re doing ‘Senior Club’ next Monday night and one of the skits the senior guys are performing is this Synchronized Swimming skit. I’m not sure who originally made this video, so if you know, let us know. It was shared with us from a 5th grade talent show but we thought it would make a great skit for a…

Run-On Skit Characters: DJ Status, Foreign Exchange Student, Raffle Rhonda

Run-On Skit Character: Bob Nacho

Run-On Skit Characters: Casey & Barbra-a

Run-On Skit Characters: Biggest Loser Sumo Wrestlers

Run-On Skit Characters: The Buitoni Brothers

Run On Skit Characters: Instagrandma and Instagrandpa

HEY! How To Have A ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ Duck Dynasty Club

Leader Skit: How Animals Eat Their Food

Saw this hilarious video earlier today that could easily be turned into a leader skit at club. You could tweak it to make it a camp sell skit as well. Ex: “A great thing about going to _________ YL camp is all the wildlife there. It’s like a zoo with no fences. So many beautiful creatures. And those…

Little Nemo: Gangnam Style

This guest post is written by David Freels, YL leader in Knoxville, TN. We put a new twist on a classic Young Life skit: “Little Nemo”. I saw Nemo as a club kid 30 years ago and it was so funny that it was areason I wanted to come back to a club.  So I guess I may…

How To Make Your Run-On Skit The Talk Of The School

Our Fall Club Schedule

Here is our fall schedule. Feel free to steal any ideas that trip your trigger.Creativity is just forgetting where you stole it from.I think I made that up. Sept 12- All City Freshmen Club Sept 19- First Club Carnival Sept 26- Rave Club Oct 3- Harry “Mustache” Potter Club Oct 10- Blue Club Oct 17- Redneck Club (Barn…

39 Theme Club Ideas

Summer Camp Idea: Matrix Ping Pong

Are you doing summer program? Need a fresh idea for a leader skit during entertainment night? This one will take a little work to pull off, but it could be magic! Enjoy “Matrix Ping-Pong!” It looks like the audience at this high school talent show sure did. I’ve never done this, so I’m not confident on all the…

My Favorite Summer Camp Idea: Random Bus Passenger

Two summers ago we found out that we were getting a new leader in our area. He was moving to our city just a few weeks before camp. Instead of letting him jump in right away, we came up with a fun way to introduce him to the kids. Another leader in our area had a grandfather who…

Summer Camp Idea: DJ Program Characters

Here’s an idea for run-on characters during club or for use as summer camp program. Thanks Niki for this submission: DJ Status and DJ Drop It. Come out in full gear. Large headphones, singing to themselves holding one ear, ect. My name is DJ Drop It cause I drop the beat like it’s hot and my name is…

Little Nemo Skit